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about company


Our clients define us and show us who we are and what we are capable of doing. When we work with our clients, we take things seriously and customer sanctification is our #1 goal.

We love what we do and we won't stop doing it. We love building relationships with clients and helping them meet their needs.

We are independent contractors and we are able to get wholesale prices from many different Internet providers. We work with many providers and only look for the best deal we can find to suit your needs.


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Who We Are

Short Facts
About Our Company

We know what’s right for our customers. We do all of this for both businesses and home internet users. We do this because this is what we are good at. For the Rocket Telecom team. That means treating people the way we would like to be treated. It is indeed fair. In all honesty. With due respect and empathy. This includes giving excellent service at a great price. We decided that the biggest business model of all is to do what's right and honest. It really is simple, efficient, and straightforward. There are no advertising tactics nor do we ever lock in customers to contracts. We care for our customers and we would want to give them the best internet service as if we were the customers ourselves. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a good internet provider, with good prices, that is why Rocket Telecom strives to achieve that goal in solving all the hard work for you. We know people are sick and tired of controlled markets.  We know the feeling when big companies lock you in a contract and then overcharge you when the contract is over. We’ve been there and understand the frustration. That is why Rocket Telecom is different. We review each company out there, work out a deal and try the service ourselves. When our team is happy, we know our customers will be happy. We’ve done all the research for you so you can relax. We are the best ISP contractors and know how to find the right price for the end user. Rocket Telecom handles support like no other company. We are quick, we are responsive, we actually ask to contact us before you order any plan. Why? Because we want to make sure you get the right service, the right speed at the right price. When you order with Rocket Telecom, we will sign you up with an ISP at the price, service, and support as advertised on our site.

What Clients Say