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Top 12 Most Popular FAQ`s

How do I know if this deal is available in my area?

Contact us on our live chat or contact us through e-mail at

If you choose the 50mbps plan, please send us your full address including your postal code (and apt# if applicable) so we can see what is available in your area.

If you choose any of the cable internet plans, make sure you have a coaxial line in your wall or ever had Rogers/Cogeco Internet in the past.

There are some exceptions where providers will not offer us service in your area because they want to control that part of the area with their pricing. All we can do is look for another alternative and find the best solution for you.

Are you affiliated with Rogers, Cogeco or Bell?

We are independent contractors and we are able to get wholesale prices from many different Internet providers. We work with many providers and only look for the best deal we can find to suit your needs.

However, the internet line itself will be from either Rogers, Cogeco or Bell, depending on where you live. Their technicians will come and do the activation outside of your home. Bell technicians however may need to come in and do it. 

Only the billing, customer support, technical support and equipment will be handled from another company.


Why do I have to pay for the first month ahead of time?

We ask for a prepayment to avoid people who don’t pay for their services at the end of the month. We worked hard for a solution and found this is the only way to have a trusting relationship with our customers.

If you order today, the amount you pay will cover the full month from the day your service gets activated.

When will I get my receipt?

You will receive a receipt in your e-mail address within 12 hours after placing the order on our site.


What's the catch?

There's no catch! We just want people to be happy with their service. We do the hard work behind the scenes and find great and affordable plans that best suits your needs.

Why did I get my second's month invoice so early?

Glad you asked! We send an email reminder of the second month 20 days before it's due date. You do not have to pay it right away so please don't be alarmed. We suggest that you mark it on your calendar when the due date is so you can pay one day before hand.

You will have access to our billing portal to pay that amount which you have to do manually.

Can I place an order without talking/chatting/e-mailing a representative?

We ask that you contact us first before placing any order. We want to make sure the service is available in your area. We can help you answer any question you may have regarding the plan. But let's give you a scenario.

If you decide to go with the 50mbps plan, we need to be sure that it is eligible in your area. Even if you had Bell in the past, it doesn't mean it may still work, so this is critical to contact us before hand regarding this particular plan.

However, if you choose one of our cable internet plans, you can sign up directly without contacting us, but only if you meet the first condition.
1) You have a cable coaxial wall line (very important)
2) You had Rogers/Cogeco Cable Internet in the past.

Due to Covid-19, Rogers/Cogeco technicians are not coming in the house to do any new installs but Bell technicians are able to do it. Hope that answers your question.

After placing the order, when will I receive my modem/router? And when will the technician come to my place and install the service?

Please allow 3-5 days to receive the modem/router to your address as we have to ship the equipment from our Montreal warehouse.  If you ordered the cable internet package, the Rogers/Cogeco technician will arrive 5-7 days from the date you placed the order.  If you ordered the fiber internet package, the Bell technician will come approximately 7-10 days from the date you placed the order (they don’t work on Sundays). We have to schedule the appointment with the technician and check their availability. However in some circumstances, the timings and dates for the activation could change. We try out best to get it done as soon as possible.

How much is the shipping for the modem/router?

There is a one-time shipping fee of $9.99 plus HST to ship the modem/router.


Do you have a contact number?

We ask that you first contact us via live chat, and or e-mail and provide us the address and the service you are looking for. Once we find you are eligible, we will give you a call. If you are not eligible, we will still give you a call and try out best to find a solution for your Internet needs. Just make sure to leave a callback number for us to reach you at.


Will I be on a contract if I sign up?

None of our plans have contracts. It's a month to month deal.  There are no cancellation fees also so if you choose to leave the service after a few months or years, you won't get charged a cancellation fee. We respect your decision in moving on. But we also ask to contact us before you leave so we can find you a better option.

Can you tell me how much I will be paying exactly?

Glad you asked! We will give two sample plans as an example below.

If you choose the fibre plan (50mbps). This is what you will be paying for the first month:

$39.99 (50mbps Plan)
$4.99/Month (Modem/Router Rental Fee)
$40.00 One-Time Activation Fee (Reg Price $80)
$9.99 One-Time Shipping Fee (Ships from our Montreal Warehouse)

In the second month, you will not have to pay the activation fee nor the shipping fee. You can also choose to buy out the modem/router which is listed when you place the order.

Now if you choose one of our cable internet plans, here is the breakdown. Let's use for example our 75mbps package.

$49.99 (75mbps Plan)
$3.99/Month (Modem Rental Fee)
$4.99/Month (Router Rental Fee. This is optional. If you have your own router you can avoid this fee. If you do not want to use a router, then you can still avoid this fee)
$40.00 One-Time Activation Fee (Reg Price $80)
$9.99 One-Time Shipping Fee (Ships from our Montreal Warehouse)

In the second month, you will not have to pay the activation fee nor the shipping fee. You can also choose to buy out the modem/router which is listed when you place the order. We hope that clarified everything for you.